The Coco Chanel Method for Presentations

Coco Chanel once said: “Before you head out the door, take one thing off from among the accessories you’ve put on.” It’s actually the same with presentations. Before you close your PC for the night, before you decide that you’re already done with the preparation  you did for your presentation, look over everything again and see what can be taken out.

Sometimes, presenters get so obsessed with perfecting their presentations that they don’t realize they’ve put too much “accessories” and other unnecessary stuff that can ultimately distract them from making an impact and making a point.

Below are some of the things you might want to remove to make your presentation cleaner, more impactful and influential, and more straight to the point.

  • Slide jewelry – this refers to charts, graphics, effects, transitions, videos, sounds and pictures. Make sure you only have what you really need. Too many of these things can be very distracting for your audience.
  • Audience stylings – this refers to too much audience participation like polls and volunteer activities. Limit them. 
  • Technology tinsel – this refers to using laser pointers to cool videos. Use them only when necessary and make sure that the audience will still get to remember your point after.
  • Language lightshows – this refers to  using alliteration, analogy and too many other rhetorical devices. Always remember: the simpler the better.

For more insight about this matter, please head to:

Use the Coco Chanel method to gauge what’s too much in your presentation

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2 Responses to The Coco Chanel Method for Presentations

  1. gristpresent says:

    It’s always amusing that we think less-is-more applies to everyone but us.
    If we all threw more away and stuck to the stuff that really matters we’d get tot he coffee break earlier.

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