How Do You Practice Confidence?

Many of our public speakers today are introvert by nature. But even the extrovert ones started out not very confident. They fumbled, made mistakes, and experienced pressure and anxiety as well.

Below are some of the things you can do to help you face your fear in public speaking and boost your confidence in the process so that you can start relaxing and being yourself when faced with a big crowd or audience.

  • Speak first. In any kind of social situation, always try to speak first. Try to initiate small talk and engage the other person in the conversation.
  • Network. Go out of your comfort zone and start introducing yourself to other people.
  • Stop hiding. Though it’s much less stressful to sit around all day or hiding behind your computer, go out of your way to talk to another human being. This will help you think on your feet.
  • Make eye contact. Observe the people who pass by your table at work and make eye contact with them while smiling at the same time.
These tips may sound simple enough. But they’re actually moderately difficult steps to get you out of your comfort zone first so you can start building confidence in yourself when you interact with other people.

To know the details of these tips, please head to: Practice Confidence


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