Apply Pilates Workout Principles to Your Presentation

In Pilates, there are key principles that pertain to physical endurance and strength. These principles can also be used to improve one’s skills in public speaking and presentations. They are:

1. Breath

I can never reiterate enough that breathing properly oxygenates the blood thereby increasing circulation. For speakers, breathing makes one calmer and thus, more in control of their nerves, their voice and the direction of the speech they’re giving.

2. Concentration 

The same with Pilates, speakers must also be able to focus well on their presentations. There shouldn’t be any careless moments or wandering thoughts.  Deliver your message carefully by directing your body and your voice to the task at hand.

3. Control

In Pilates, there is a method they call “Contrology” or the “The Art of Control.” In giving speeches and presentations, control must be done in the delivery of the message as well. You can’t just keep on talking or go on and on and on. You should be able to control the message you are trying to convey and when the audience gets restless, you should be able to control their attention as well by directing the flow of the conversation to the intended results.

To find out what the other Pilates Workout Principles are which you can apply to your presentations, please head to:

Give Your Presentation Skills a Pilates Workout

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