Three Things You Can Do to Stay Calm When Presenting

No matter how experienced we are at presenting and speaking in public, some of us still do feel terrified at the thought of being in front of people. You know the usual reaction: cold sweat, shaking voice, increased heart rate, shaking hands, etc. Don’t worry, THIS IS NORMAL. 75% of the population suffers from fear of public speaking so you are not alone. This knowledge alone ought to perk you up and lessen your fears a bit.

Below are three simple things you can do to calm yourself down and make you better prepared:

1. Breathe and keep breathing. 

Take deep yoga breaths and slowly release each one. You’d be surprised at how instantly you’ll feel less tense and a whole lot better. As you slowly take in air, think positive thoughts and release them to the world as your breathe out. Proper breathing coupled with positive visualization will do wonders for your nerves.

2. Practice, practice, practice.

There’s no better way to prepare your speech or presentation than to keep practicing. After all, practice makes perfect and it’s true. However, don’t just memorize what you have to say. Know what you want to say like it’s the back of your hand. So whichever way the story goes, you’ll be natural at conveying your message and you and your presentation will come off as authentic and sincere.

3.  It’s not the end of the world.

Keep everything in proper perspective. Whether you have given the best presentation of your life or not, the world goes on. With enough practice and constant positive thinking, being able to give a great presentation is a very possible feat. But if ever that is not the case, learn from it and move on. Learn to only worry about the things that can affect you a year from now at the least. The rest are just details you need to work on and let go.

For more insight on this matter, please head to:

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