How to Write and Tell Your Story

Stories must always be kept brief and simple to create more impact for your audience. Here are five basic steps you should do to accomplish this:

1.      Setting – provide the right setting by building up the story first. Answer the questions “What?”, “Where?”, “When?” and be as vivid as you can with the description.

2.      Main Characters – Who are the people in the story? Describe them in detail and know how you want your audience to feel about them.

3.      Obstacles Encountered – This is where the main plot will be highlighted. Describe what is happening and how your characters are reacting to what’s happening.

4.      Resolution – After you have done the build up, it’s time to give the resolution so you won’t keep your audience hanging in the air.

5.      Lesson Learned – This point ought to show your audience how your characters have matured or grown from the situation. Lessons learned must match your audience’s set of values so they can better relate to the characters and be compelled to act if necessary.

Keep everything brief and concise. If you need to tell this story over and over, do it differently each time.
For more information, please head to:  Communicate to Win: 024 – Writing Your Story

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