How to Achieve Vocal Power When Presenting

Apart from your non-verbal communications skills, how you speak in front of your audience also carries a lot of weight in being able to  persuade, or inform, or educate your audience. Depending on how you use the vocal tools you have, you can be regarded as a person with or without authority and most importantly, credibility.

Here are the vocal tools you can use to create  presentations with impact:

Creating the Palette – by varying the pitch, tone, inflection, pace, pauses and other emotional nuances of your voice, you can help create visual pictures in the minds of your audience which will help convince them of what you are talking about.

The Potential of Your Voice – by relieving yourself of daily tension, your voice can become more powerful. Practice breathing, yoga and meditation to help you feel more relaxed. When you’re relaxed, the more you can project your voice confidently to your audience.

Getting to Flow – By making sure that you look and sound good while at the same time offering the audience a message worth listening to, then you will be able to move your audience and compel them to listen to you,  believe in you, and take action.

Delivering Honesty – Your audience can see right through you no matter how many times you have practiced your speech. So just be yourself and make sure that what you’re saying resonates with who you really are.

For more insight on this matter, please head to:

4 Ways to Achieve Vocal Power


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