How to Make Panel Discussions More Lively

We’ve all attended a panel discussion at one point in time. Did you ever wonder why it usually comes off as stiff and formal? Did you ever think that perhaps there is a way to make panel discussions more lively, relaxing and fun?

Below are some of the things you can do to make panel discussions more fun especially if you get to be one of the panelists:

1. Learn about the other panelists in advance. You can do this by reading about them online, reading their blogs, looking at some of their video presentations. This way you get to have an idea of what these other panelists are like and you can easily adjust your attitude towards them when yo meet them in person.

2. Have a conversation with the moderator. You can sort of pre-interview the moderator about what to expect during the panel discussion, what specific topics should get covered, what kinds of people are attending the event, etc. This way, you can prep yourself while at the same time help the moderator string the process along in case he/she is not that prepared.

3. Meet your co-panelists in person. Although this is not always possible, it doesn’t hurt to try to invite them for drinks the night before if only to meet them, have a feel about what and how they do things. This way, when the day of the panel discussion arrives, everyone will feel more at ease and relaxed.

4. Ask the audience questions. Most of the time, panel discussions do not ask for audience participation. But remember, panel discussions are presentations too and when it comes to presentations, it’s always about the audience and not about you. So ask your audience and encourage them to participate. This will make your time at the panel discussion more interesting and memorable.

For more insight on this matter, please head to:

How to make your panel more fun


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