How to Make Better Presentations for Asian Audiences

If in case you have an upcoming presentation  with Asian audiences, these tips below will help  make your presentations better suit them.

1. Do Your Research.

Find out as much as you can about the country and organisation you are working with.

2. Use local language and key phrases as an icebreaker, welcome address or to highlight important points.

Modify the content of your presentation to account for local differences.

3. Use local examples.

Nothing goes down better when trying to explain a new concept than using a local example.

4. Get to know the audience.

It is most likely you will be a foreigner and many in the audience may not know you very well at all.

5. Speak slowly and clearly.

For many Asians, English is not their first language.

6. Use of Visual Aids.

Again, because of language barriers back-up your verbal message with clear and easy to understand visual aids.

7. Use Humor.

This tried and true method works across cultural boundaries.

8. Physically involve the audience.

Most audiences, no matter what cultural background, tend to switch off after 20 minutes of information from the presenter.

9. Cut out some content.

You will be speaking more slowly and spending time getting to know the audience and interacting with them.

10. Evaluate, review and continually improve.

I never stop learning. Every time I speak in front of an audience, I always learn something new.


For more details, please head to:

Better Business Presentations To Asian Audiences

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One Response to How to Make Better Presentations for Asian Audiences

  1. Lavra says:

    Thanks for this interesting article and tips.
    Presentations are a big part of my job and mostly I do remote presentations. I create mind maps and and add a lot of pictures to it, so I’m sure that all participants are focused on the right subject (I use Conceptdraw software I show my presentations via Skype, it works with ConceptDraw easy and fast irrespectively the internet speed, because my file is loading to viewers computers and is used by program, not by network. All the participants can view and discuss in same time. Priceless option for me. Highly recommend.

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