7 Questions You Must Answer to Come Up With a Good Presentation

Creating presentations always starts with making the content. But you have to take note that the content you create should be clear and logical. In order to do this, Ellen Finkelstein has posed some questions that you can ask yourself to help you make the best possible content for your presentation. Here they are:

  1. What is your purpose?
  2. What is the main concept you’re talking about?
  3. What questions are you bringing up — and trying to answer?
  4. What information or data are you using to get to your conclusion?
  5. How did you reach your conclusion?
  6. What assumptions or points of view did you use to come to your conclusion?
  7. What are the implications of your conclusions?

Once these questions are answered, your presentation will surely become more relevant to your audience, making it more helpful and purpose-driven.

For more information, check out Ellen Finkelstein’s blog post about it here:

Question your thinking to communicate more clearly

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