How to Practice Your Speech

Whether you’re new at public speaking and presenting or not, here are four ways to help you practice your speech:

1. Practice in front of a Live Audience

How do you do this? Practice speaking in front of  a live audience by joining a Toastmasters club for instance. Or you can gather your family and /or friends and deliver your speech, any speech, in front of them. Sometimes, this proves even a lot scarier than doing it in front of strangers. This way, you not only face your fear of speaking in front of your loved ones, but they also get to criticize the way you present which will help you improve on your speaking skill. Just try not to be too sensitive about it when they do give you pointers.

 2. Practice with a Video Camera

When you record yourself, deliver your speech as if you’re doing the real thing. This is very advantageous because you can replay everything and study yourself from the way you talk, to how you move, etc.  You can even show your video to an expert so he/she can give you some more pointers you can use.

3. Practice Using Audacity

Audacity is a great audio recording software used by many public speakers and presenters alike. Click here to download Audacity for free. By using  Audacity to record your practice sessions, you can then review your performance and be able to focus on your vocal delivery. You can take note of points for improvement like pauses, vocal delivery, stresses, emphasis on words, etc.

4. Practice in front of the mirror.

This advice may be quite old but it still works for some people. Just try not to focus too much on the way you look and try to notice other things too about your audience-centered presentation.

For more insight on this matter, please head to: Great Ways to Practice Your Speech

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  1. That’s a well written post. That’s very much practical.

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