Where do nervous speakers run for comfort?

Oh how easier it is for extroverts to speak in public and enjoy the limelight. In my opinion, they probably rarely feel nervous, and even if they do, it’s just all that pent-up energy raring to go. Once they’re in the limelight, everything becomes as easy as breathing. But how about for introverts out there who do speak or present in public but get extremely nervous every single time? Where can they run for comfort? Introvert speakers, by their very nature, are known to find peace and comfort by spending some alone time before and after their speech. Below are five comfort zones that any speaker (both extroverts and introverts, but I think more so for introverts like myself) can access to help calm your nerves down, regroup, and happily face your audience:

  • The stall or the stairwell: This may sound inelegant but it serves as a practical solution where you can stretch those legs, breathe and meditate before your big speech. Just make sure you’re not on wires yet lest you want your audience to hear you breathing hard or practicing your speech.
  • Your breathing: You can actually do this anywhere. Just breathe slowly, even during your speech when you start getting nervous all over again.
  • Closed eyes: You can do this practically anywhere too as long as you don’t let your audience see you. By obliterating all those visual cues around you, you can focus your energy and help yourself calm down.
  • The lectern: With a lectern, you get to automatically  hide 2/3 of your body; you have a place where you can keep a copy of your speech or a photo that reminds you of happy times; and you feel like you’re actually in control. It definitely is a speaker’s armor so if you have access to it, you might as well use it.
  • A smile: Smiling goes a long, long way. Physiologically, it signals your brain to relax and it actually helps you to feel good too. So smile when you can especially before and after your speech. It helps make the audience feel comfortable too.

For more insight on this matter, please head to:

Comfort zones for the nervous speaker: 5 places to go

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