Presentation Lessons from Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston died last Saturday at the young age of 48. We are all saddened by this especially her multitude of fans out there. I remember singing to her hit single I Will Always Love You when I was just a young kid and boy did she send goosebumps up and down my spine. Her voice was just so powerful I don’t think anyone today can match that. After all, Whitney remains to be the most awarded female artist of all time, with 415 awards under her belt. And ever after she passed, she will remain to be loved and cherished by her audience.

As a speker / presenter, we all have something to learn from Whitney Houston. What made her so magnetic and effective as a powerful singer? What can we do to achieve that kind of power in our own field?  If you want to stand out as a presenter or speaker, there is something you need to learn from Whitney Houston.

It’s true, she is not the best songwriter out there, nor the biggest superstar of her generation. What she was, was a powerful singer. It’s that voice of her that made her stand out. Even as I write this, I am having goosebumps remembering how she captured her fans just with her voice, with no accompaniment, singing for 45 seconds, those first few words of I Will Always Love You. That was her one biggest asset – her voice. And she played with it very well, until such time that she got involved in drugs and the rest, as they say, is history.

So as a speaker, know what your greatest strength is and play with that. Make that your biggest card in the table and maximize it well. Are you very good at making your audience laugh? Then go ahead and make them laugh with your captivating humor. Are you great with PowerPoint? Then use that in your presentations. Are you a great storyteller? Then by all means, tell a great story to convey your message to your people. Whatever it is, use your greatest asset to bring about the best in your presentation. Use your greatest talent to connect with your audience. After all, by using what you have to give the audience what they need, is considered as the greatest love of all in the world of presenting / public speaking.

This post is inspired by Scott. 🙂



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