Five Elements that Make for Great Stories When Presenting

When we present, we actually tell stories. Or at least, we have to if we want to make our speeches or presentations interesting enough for our audience.

But how do we tell the story? For the most part, it should be personal enough that our audience will be able to relate to us. And there’s the perfect tone and pitch like I’ve mentioned before as well as the proper non-verbal cues. Aside from these things, our story needs to have all the right elements to make sure that we are not just telling another story, but a good one at the very least.

What are these elements I’m talking about? There are five elements that will make your stories great:

1. Characters

The characters in your story must be those that your audience can relate to. Be visual in their description so your audience can better see who these characters are.

2. Conflict

Any great story has to have some form of conflict in it. It’s what will hook your audience and make them interested to find out more.

3. Cure

Of course, if there’s a conflict, there should also be a resolution for it or what we call the cure. This should add value to your audience’s corresponding conflicts they may be facing in their current lives.

4. Change

Once the cure is presented and applied, then there has to be positive changes in the characters’ lives.

5. Carry-out message

This is the action plan that you impart to your audience so they not only learn smething valuable but they also take something significant that they can apply to their respective circumstances.

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Elements of Great Stories

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