3 Tips to Articulate Your Speech

We all tend to mumble our words from time to time. This happens when we either speak too fast or with too little volume. Maybe we’re shy or excited and that’s okay. But if this happens when you are making a speech in front of an audience, then that’s a definite no-no and you have to be able to catch yourself and correct it. Here are three quick ways on how you can better articulate your speech next time:

1. Speak slowly. I do not mean though that you speak as if you’re talking to a baby or an uneducated person. What I mean is, if you know you are the type who speaks way too fast for a normal listener to comprehend you fully, then try to slow down a bit. Practice with a colleague. Converse with an office mate and ask him/her if you are speaking too fast, too slow, or just right. Then practice delivering your speech with  a tempo that is just right, with proper pauses at sections that emphasize your key points. When you are up there on stage, time yourself and see how your audience reacts to what you are saying. If you’re audience is nodding then it means that they understand what you’re saying. But if you’re starting to see too many foreheads creasing, then it’s time to slow down and enunciate your words properly.

2. Speak in a consistent tone but I don’t mean in monotone. What I mean is talk in a consistent volume. Project your voice such that it reaches the last person at the back of the conference room. However, do not shout and don’t whisper. Talk with just the right amount of volume for everyone to hear. For you to know if you’re consistent with your tone or not, record your speech and from there, notice the variations in your tone and volume so you may correct it in the future.

3. Practice the tricky sounds.  If there’s a word that tends to be hard for you to pronounce, (e.g. “pamphlet” or “philanthropy”) just practice saying it and you should be fine. Take out some time everyday saying a word that is difficult for you to pronounce. Say it in the shower, while driving, while getting coffee. This way, by the time you give your speech and you’re about to say the difficult word, your tongue has already been practiced enough that it will deliver the word just right.

So do these three tricks to better articulate your speech. For more info on the matter, please head to:

Three Quick Ways to Improve Your Speech Articulation


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2 Responses to 3 Tips to Articulate Your Speech

  1. amyangel5 says:

    I have also found that if I have a tough word to say, saying it slowly (as if I were trying to emphasize it) works.

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