Three Kinds of Presenters

In the world of presenting and public speaking, there are three general kinds of presenters:

1. Too Hot – This kind of presenter is almost like a theater actor. He or she tends to wear colorful ensemble, bold makeup (for ladies), is so animated and bold in his/her actions that he/she might come off as a fake. Instead of having the audience connect with this kind of presenter, audiences might find him/her too loud, too obnoxious, too out there.

2. Too Cold – This one is the serious type. He/she has all the data and information needed to present his case but he/she fails to show even just a little bit of personality. The whole presentation therefore ends up to be a big bore and audience can’t wait to leave.

3. Just Right – This one is the perfect kind. He/She is presentable enough in his/her appearance, does not need to be so animated because he is already exuding with passion from deep within that he does not need to act it out. He/she uses just the right amount of varied data to back his agenda and to keep the level of interest going. He/she engages the audience  in an interactive manner. He/she is just right.

Looking back at all the presentations and speeches you’ve done in the past, which type of presenter do you think  are you?

This blog post is inspired by this post:  Too hot, too cold, or just right?



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2 Responses to Three Kinds of Presenters

  1. gristpresent says:

    Never me a Too Hot. I’m sure they exist. We’ve met a million Too Colds…..

  2. In my opinion, I’d rather have the too hot that the too cold. But of course it’s always best to listen to the one that’s just right, IF POSSIBLE. 🙂

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