5 tips we can learn from 2012 SOTU

By this time, we can mostly certainly say that President Obama is a very gifted public speaker. And once again, he didn’t disappoint during his recent State of the Union . Here are five things public speakers can learn from Pres. Obama:

1. Speak from personal experience. When you do so, you make yourself step out of that pedestal and be one with your audience. You become more accessible, more reachable. You become more like your audience and you give them good reason to listen and relate to you.

2. Tell stories. People are natural storytellers. Since the beginning of time, our ancestors communicated their history and life through stories told to their children and grandchildren. By telling stories, you pull your audience to the heart of the matter and make them understand better, enough for them to be compelled to action.

3. Be funny. Regardless of whether your topic may or may not be as serious as Obama’s State of the Union, it still helps to inject a little humor in there. It breaks the ice of seriousness (or boredom among your audience) and brings them right back to the heart of the speech/presentation.

4. Use repetition. Repetition is the simple key to emphasizing a point and making people remember it. Repeat anything three times in different ways and you are likely to remember it. Use the same words at the beginning of each  phrase and it will have more impact.  It’s simple. It’s powerful. It’s effective.

5. End strongly. Make your audience remember you and your speech. Leave something that creates an impact. It may be a story, a quote, an incredible fact, etc. End on a high note and leave them wanting more.

For more insights on this matter, please head to: 5 Tips from the 2012 State of the Union


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2 Responses to 5 tips we can learn from 2012 SOTU

  1. gristpresent says:

    Spot on. When Obama wants to be, he can be the very best there is.

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