How to Give Great Speeches at Teleconferences

Even when you’re not actually present, you can still give a great speech and you do this through teleconferences. These are becoming all too common today especially when companies need to cut their expenses on travel and rather resort to holding online meetings or teleconferences. If you are the one tasked to give a presentation, what can you do to make your speech engaging, interesting and full of impact? Below are terrific suggestions you might want to take:

1. Try to change a teleconference into a video conference.  With teleconferences, people won’t be seeing you which automatically eliminates any visual impact that could potentially help your presentation. So try to turn it into a video conference instead by using Skype, Webex and other online video conference tools.

2. Allot a specific period of time. You can distribute copies of your agenda before the telecon so people would know who will be talking at what time and until what time.

3. Be positive. By speaking positively about your topic, people would be more compelled to listen and react.

4. Include your audience in the equation. Even if they can’t see you, the teleconference is not about you. It’s about your audience and their needs. If you focus more on what you can do for them and what they can also do for the cause or the meeting’s objective, they will be more inclined to listen and participate.

5. Keep track of your time. Since your audience can’t see you and vice-versa, it’s so easy to lose track of your audience. For all you know, they’ve all logged off and you end up talking to yourself. So be brief and concise. Leave enough room in the end for questions.

For more insight on how to give great speeches in teleconferences, please head to:

How To Give A Great Speech Even When You Aren’t There

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  1. By considering above mentioned points and using tools like RHUB, WebEx, gotomeeting etc. one can conduct quality teleconferences.

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