The Significance of Using Evidence in Your Speech or Presentation

Any speech or presentation you make, whether to a big or small audience, public setup or private meeting, needs to be influential in order to be successful. One thing you can add to your presentation to make it so is by including evidence in the picture. Here are tips on how you can do this:

Spell Out The Point of Your Evidence: It is not enough that you just present the facts. You also have to relate it to the point you are trying to make. You can’t just leave your audience on their own to come up with ¬†conclusions. You have to lead them to it by spelling out the key point of your evidence.

Use Exact Evidence: State the exact terms, statistics, or words of your evidence. No general terms please.

Use Novel Evidence: Present evidence that has not yet been heard of before. This proves to be more interesting and persuasive for the audience.

To get more insight on this matter, head to:

Improve Your Public Speaking – 4 Tips for Using Evidence

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