How to Improve Your Presentation… Fast!

Have you ever experienced being asked to present with only a few hours to prepare, or a day at the very least? I’m sure you must have felt the panic in your gut especially if you know that you are not that prepared and still, you must be able to impress and engage your audience. Well, don’t fret. Here are seven basic things you need to do. If you’re able to accomplish these seven helpful tips, then you’re on your way to making  a great presentation in no time at all.

1. Use a PowerPoint template.  Obviously, you have no time to hire a designer for the job so use one that is already available. The important thing is to be able to present your slides that offer a constant and professional background. Don’t sweat it out too much.

2. Cut back on text. Remember, your slides are not your cue cards. They’re not there to be read by you word for word. They only serve as nuggets of wisdom and guide for your audience so they are able to capture your message properly.

3. Replace text with images. Photos do express more than a thousand words. So use an appropriate picture that will capture the essence f what you want to say.

4. Keep it simple. Cut out anything that is unnecessary. You can just explain it further in your speech.

5. Use colours to differentiate between different concepts. This will help the audience interpret the data and information better, making them grasp the whole idea that you’re trying to convey.

6. Add some basic animation to help you present your content in a way that makes it easier on the audience. Use animation at certain key points in your story to keep your audience engaged and to highlight the most important parts.

7. Standardize. Use uniform forms, color schemes, templates and designs. This will make your presentation look more professional.

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