The Importance of Speech Choreography

In his blog post, Choreographing Your Speech, Nick Morgan shares with us the importance of knowing and preparing the venue of your speech and getting the interest of your audience.

Here are some simple guidelines for you to take note of:

1. Align what you say with how you act in front of your audience. Essentially, this is what choreographing your speech is all about.

2. Increase your audience’s attention by moving closer to them. You actually need to invade their personal space a bit  (but not closer than 1.5 feet, because that’s intimate space and you’re not allowed in there, unless it’s a close friend or family member) in order to powerfully catch their attention. Of course, it’s already a given that your speech essentially compels them to act too.

3. Of course with a large crowd, it’s impossible to come closer to everyone in the audience. It’s not necessary. As long as you do so with a select group of audience and while you’re giving your most important points, then the whole audience will feel it.

4. Be aware of the room layout and be able to maximize the use of the space for maximum impact.

For more information, head to Nick Morgan’s post: Choreographing Your Speech

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