Five Useful Presentation Mediums

If you are to choose only a few tools to use for your presentations this year, I urge you to use these five mediums below. They are the five most useful and effective tools that will let you engage your audience “by creating a two-way method of communication that will keep them invested in what you have to say”. They are the five top picks according to

1. Interactive glass whiteboards: These smooth, durable surfaces are like traditional whiteboards except that they are made with glass.

2. Microsoft PowerPoint: Yes, as far as dynamic presentation tools, Microsoft’s PowerPoint still ranks very high in offices around the globe.

3. iPad: the iPad can connect to video projectors to add to your stunning presentation.

4. Prezi: an ideal storytelling tool that uses a blank canvas to let you lead a presentation with dynamic flow—as opposed to traditional linear slides, like PowerPoint.

5. Slideshare: This professional social media platform offers custom templates for you to create slides, upload video, post promotions, and even create bookmarks within presentations.

Cheers to better presentations for 2012!

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I write about presentation skills and provide news from the presentation skills blogosphere.

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