How to Present a Complex Topic

I got the following tips from Ellen Finkelstein. According to her, most often than not, presentations are used to teach things that are quite difficult to comprehend. Perhaps, the subject is too technical or it involves complex mathematical equations that we need to be able to convey in layman’s terms so our audience would grasp it better. Here are four things you can do to help you convey your message better to the public:

  1. Simplify – It is basically breaking down a huge idea into smaller parts.
  2. Repeat – Repetition makes ideas stick but you have to do it the right way.
  3. Connect – Being able to relate new ideas to things we already know will make the new idea easier to learn and remember.
  4. Apply – Give exercises and homework where the audience can apply what they have learned.

For a through explanation of each of these tips, head to Ellen’s blog post:

Keys to successfully teaching a complex subject

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