2011 Best Communicators (Top 10)

I got this list from decker.com which I want to share here. Here’s our top ten best communicators for 2011 who not only showed great vision and garnered trust, but most importantly, provided real leadership.

  1. Steve Jobs – perhaps the communicator of the decade, or century.
  2. Howard Schultz – the all around business leader/communicator.
  3. Chris Anderson – elevating speech in the TED format.
  4. Virginia Rometty – communicating on the fast track.
  5. Chris Christie – a political poster child for authenticity.
  6. Lady Gaga – speaking out with multi-dimensional creativity.
  7. Warren Buffett – years of consistent communications.
  8. Christine Lagarde – speaking powerfully from the top of the financial world.
  9. Morgan Spurlock – high energy and a distinctive style puts him in his own films.
  10. Andy Rooney – a tribute to creating a unique communications experience.

Decker.com did not only come out with the best list, but wrote down a whole list of the worst communicators as well. Find out more here:

The Top Ten Best (and Worst) Communicators of 2011

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