5 tips on how to establish credibility when you’re the only woman in the room

We live in the 21st century, yet, gender bias and discrimination still happen. There are still situations when a woman still needs to establish her credibility especially when presenting in a room filled with men. How does one do it? Here are five useful tips you can do:

  1. Don’t give your credibility up in the first place: Don’t apologize too much or tell jokes that degrade you or your fellow women.
  2. Target the decision-maker: You have to know who the decision-maker in the room is and try to build a rapport with him.
  3. Find out what you do have in common with the guys: Find a common ground.
  4. Jump right in: You can do this by asking questions.
  5. Know your personality preference: By taking the Myers-Briggs assessment (or a similar one), you can find out what your personality preference is and use this information to help you communicate.

 How about you? What do you do to establish your credibility as a woman presenter?

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