Eight simple tips to a good first presentation

Speakers do get better with practice. However, if you’re a first time presenter, and  you want a bit of a shortcut, here are some tips on how you can avoid mistakes during your presentation:
  1. Know your presentation well enough that you don’t need to read it.
  2. Move away from the lectern to appear more open to your audience.
  3. Tell your audience what to notice when you use videos.
  4. You might even stop the video part way to draw attention to an important point.
  5. After the video review the message.
  6. If you take them to an emotional low – be sure to bring them up immediately after.
  7. Close your presentation. Don’t just end it.
  8. Demonstrate that you care about your audience.

These are the lessons learned from one disastrous presentation. Now that you have an idea, at least you won’t be as awful and you’ll hopefully do good on your first try. Read more about what happened and where did these tips come from: Presentation Train Wreck: Avoid These Mistakes

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