Music and Presentations

Since the beginning of December, I’ve been playing Christmas tunes on my PC which allows me to work without interruption. For some reason, Christmas tunes in the background make me more focused and engaged with what I am doing. Then I read this post about how music is being used by motivational speakers to rev up the energy level of their audiences. If they want their audience to feel excited about an activity, they tend to play rock music; if they want their audience to actively participate in a writing or a group exercise, they play slow music; and so on and so forth.

Dr. Concetta Tomaino, director of the institute for Music and Neurologic Function said that, “Once the emotional link to music is established, our neurological reactions are profound.”  This is because the human brain creates hard-wired responses to specific circumstances which are accessed and repeated when listening to the music. This is also why music can help change our mood from bad to good, from bored to excited, and vice versa.

The next time you talk or present, try to play some music. You could do it before your actual presentation, when you want your participants to feel excited about the seminar; you can do it during a group activity; you can do it at the end. Choose the kind that will help you achieve your desired results and see it happen.

For more info on this, head to: What Every Motivational Speaker Knows That You Don’t


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