The Importance of Customizing Your Presentations

Everything is customizable these days. People respond better to customized stuff be it menus, schedules, programs, furniture, and even ads as proven by Facebook who seem to know their users very well by showing ads customized according to the users’ personal preferences. It would benefit presenters a great deal if they also do this when they make their presentations customized according to the needs of their prospective customers and audiences.

Unfortunately, this is not the case most of the time. When dealing with prospective customers and audiences, presenters tend to use an old template or an old presentation because they say they have no time to customize each and every pitch or presentation and they want to give the same message every single time anyway. What they don’t know is that by not customizing the presentation, they are giving off two negative messages:

  1. that they don’t want to spend valuable time getting to know the company or people they’re presenting to
  2. that they find it a waste of time to understand the quirks and eccentricities of their prospective clients.

Read more about this so that you may learn that customizing presentations is always the way to go. Head to

Help Your Audiences Feel Special with Customized Presentations

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