Body Language: Six Things You Ought to Know to Be a Better Communicator

Knowing how you act when presenting on stage or communicating to another, most especially a group of people, coupled with knowing how your audience is also behaving, can give you great advantages as a communicator. Being sensitive to one’s body language and that of others can give you clues as to how they’re accepting you, your message and if you should change your tactic so your audience gets more engaged and interested to what you are saying.

Here are six things you ought to know to improve your communication skills:

1. Most people overestimate their energy level. 

2. Stop thinking and look at me. 

3. Gesturing makes your words better. 

4. When you’re defensive, you remember less. 

5. Your feet point the way. 

6. If you smile, they smile. 

Continue reading and get detailed description of each pointer to help you become a better communicator:

6 things you need to know about body language

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