Pausing for Impact and How to Sharpen Your Point

There are speakers who tend to hit their audience with their point over and over, sentence after sentence, without understanding the fact that this practice makes them less confident, and worse, insults the audience of their capacity to comprehend what their trying to tell them. Yet, a number of speakers continue to do this because perhaps, it has worked for them in the past.

As a speaker, there is a better way to make your primary message stick and stand out and that is to PAUSE. Pausing makes for a greater impact than repeating the same words every other sentence. You just have to keep practicing until you master this skill of pausing for impact.  This way, you not only make the audience wonder and hunger for more, but you also get to look at them more and gauge for yourself if they are indeed getting your point.

This exercise is explained in more detail in Rich Hopkins’ blog post: Sharpening Your Points

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