7 Awesome Ways to Market Your PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint has always been the king of presentations. One reason is because it has been around for very long yet it still continues to come up with tricks and treats that are perfect and useful for presenters and public speakers alike. And it doesn’t stop there. I read from Mark Schaefer’s post that we can turn our PowerPoint slides into social media marketing gold. Here are his 7 ideas on how we can do this:

1. Populate Slideshare – This is a great place to share your documents, videos and other presentations.

2. Spice up a blog post – If you have the embed code for your presentation, then put it on your blog and spice it up a bit!

3. Embed in LinkedIn – Yep, you can also embed your presentations in LinkedIn

4. Create your art – You don’t need to buy and use photoshop just to include art or interesting images in your blog posts. You can actually do this in ten minutes or less by using PowerPoint!

5. Make an eBook – Did you know that a lot of eBooks these days originated from PowerPoint presentations? Go do it as well!

6. Integrate social aspects with traditional marketing projects – Let your PowerPoint presentations move virally within an organization so you can reach and help out more people.

7. Create premium content – Make your content exclusive to a group pf VIP.

For more detailed information, head to Mark’s post:  7 ideas to turn PowerPoint slides into social media marketing gold

To learn more about PowerPoint and how to make awesome presentations, read the various and interesting tips at Ellen Finkelstein’s blog: http://www.ellenfinkelstein.com/pptblog/

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