25 Best Tips When It Comes to Public Speaking

I found these 25 Best Public Speaking Tips from 300+ Public Speaking Experts and I want to repost them here:

  1. Be Audience Centered
  2. Know Your Audience
  3. Prepare & Rehearse Your Presentation
  4. Know Your Stuff
  5. What’s the Core Message of Your Speech?
  6. Customize Your Presentation
  7. Check Your Equipment before the Presentation
  8. Meet the People in Your Audience
  9. Open Your Presentation with a Bang!
  10. Your Speech Should Provide Practical, Useful Tips
  11. Public Speaking is about having a Conversation with Your Audience
  12. Involve Your Audience in Your Speech
  13. Smile
  14. Don’t Forget to Breathe
  15. Keep Your Presentation Fun and Humorous
  16. Be Yourself. Be Original.
  17. Your Presentation Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect
  18. Learn How to Roll with the Punches
  19. Don’t Use Powerpoint as a Crutch
  20. Do Not End Your Presentation the Question & Answer Session
  21. Keep Your Presentation Short
  22. Learn from other Public Speakers
  23. Video-tape Your Presentations
  24. Always Be Adding to Your Expertise
  25. Great Storytelling is the Key to Great Public Speaking

These 25 awesome tips were actually chosen from 300+ email responses when communicationskills.com asked: What’s the most important public speaking tip you’ve learned?

For more details, head to 25 Best Public Speaking Tips from 300+ Public Speaking Experts.


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