How do you tell a great story?

Anyone who is famous at something is due to the fact that they have skills that helped them get there, whether it be in basketball, singing, acting, cooking, or whatever field. The same goes for being a famous and great presenter or public speaker. You have to have the required skill so people will be drawn to you and will want to hear you speak more. What is this skill? It’s the gift of storytelling.

While some speakers seem to be born with this gift, those who aren’t as lucky need not fret because you still got a chance to shine by learning how to be a great storyteller.

Here are three secrets:

  1. Use Your Voice: And while doing so, create a different voice for each character in your story.
  2. Take Over The Stage:  No matter how big or small your stage is, use it and use it well. Go from one corner to the other. Use particular locations on the stage to convey the things  happening in your story.
  3. Don’t Say Anything: Just because you’re a speaker doesn’t mean that you have to talk all the time, every time. There should be scheduled pauses in your storytelling so you can let the message sink in to your audience’s minds.  Sometimes, a long pause is more powerful than saying a long paragraph in one breath.

    To get more details about the 3 secrets to telling a story well, head to: 3 Secrets To Telling A Great Story





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