Alternatives to the Use of Pointers When Presenting

Whether you’re using the old fashioned stick as a pointer or the modern laser pointer many presenters have these days, I found out that there are other better ways emphasize a point in your presentation and that is basically to not use them. Well, that’s what The Eloquent Woman suggests in her blog post. According to her, when presenters use pointers, it just goes to show that the slides have too much information on them which makes the presentation all cluttered bringing about a disconnection between the audience and you as a presenter.

However, we just couldn’t take away these pointers whether old or new as tools when presenting. So here are the alternatives you can use:

  1. Emphasize a point on a slide close-up: Use large photos if you want to highlight something in your presentation
  2. The audience’s eyes and mental acuity: Let the audience find that particular feature you want to show. This way, you are engaging your audience.
  3. Gesture: Use your hand instead of a pointer.
  4. Get creative: Maybe you can ask your audience to do something creative to make sure they understood the point like a short group skit.

I’m sure there are still other alternatives you can think of as a means of highlighting something in your presentation. Care to share? If you want to know more, head to The Eloquent Woman’s blog post: What to use instead of a pointer when you speak


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