Use The Secret When Presenting or Speaking in Public

I read a blog post about changing one’s words can also change their world. Then I remember this principle I learned back in 2007 when The Secret was becoming known to the public. I think they are very much related. The fact that you keep saying, for instance, that you stink at presentations or speaking in public, then most likely, you will never be good at it. But if you believe otherwise, even if you’re still new at this skill, then slowly, what you think, how you think, and you you talk about your presenting skills will soon reflect  on the way you do things when you’re up there on the stage, presenting to a multitude of people.

It’s all a matter of attitude. Remember, what you think becomes your words; what you say becomes your actions; and how you act becomes your character. So always think positive… believe that you can do it! After so much practice, positive thinking, constant affirmation and continuous speaking engagements, it’s impossible for you not to get there.

I was inspired with this idea by SpeakerSue’s blog post: Change your words and change your world.  Read it and see how she tackled the issue.


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