Invisible Presentation Enhancers

There are a lot of visible things speakers and presenters can do to help improve their public speaking and presenting skills. But do you know that there are also invisible ways to help enhance this skill of yours? I just found out about them and I’d like to share them here. You’d be surprised!

Your invisible nerves – no one knows you’re nervous so just keep it to yourself, don’t let your audience know and you’ll be off to a good start.

A smile –it always brightens a room, plus, it helps you avoid that natural tendency of your mouth to form a flat line making you look like you’re frowning or not having a good time.

Toe taps – you can do this inside your shoe to help you pace your speech.

Suck in your gut and lower your shoulders – do this before going to the stage. These two moves should help energize you while improving your posture as well.

A remote with a timer – set the buzz into silent mode. This way, you’d know how many minutes you have left before your speech should end.

For more details, head to: Five invisible speaker tricks to improve your presentations & speeches


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