How can public speakers change the world?

When Nick Morgan presented during the 2011 Presentation Summit, he stated that “the only reason to give any speech has to be to change the world”. That’s quite a huge task to accomplish, isn’t it? But it’s the most noble and  aspired one by many speakers. So how can you do this?

Essentially, you, as a public speaker, can change the world by taking into consideration these three things:

  1. What is the audience’s problem that you want to solve?
    You need to get down and dirty if you really want to get to know your audience so you may offer something really valuable and useful to them.
  2. What is it that my content has that solves the audience’s problem?
    You have to be able to compel your audience to take action.
  3. What is the action step in the end?
    You have to give your audience a real and concrete action accomplish.

Again, this just shows that presenting or speaking in public is always about the audience; what you can offer and teach them to make their lives (professional or otherwise) a lot better. It’s not about you (the speaker), it’s always about them (the audience).

Know more about what Nick Morgan shared during his talk in the Presentation Summit by heading to Nick Morgan at the Presentation Summit 2011


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