Avoid These 7 Speech Pitfalls

There are times when we do come across a speech so bad that we couldn’t help but criticize it. You might be a victim of a similar situation, or worse, you might be the cause of it. Whatever the case may be, below are seven reasons why Brad Phillips hated the speech he heard which he mentioned on his blog. Hopefully, speakers will learn from these reasons and make their speeches and presentations a lot better next time.

1. Your introduction failed to interest me. – This is why speakers need to make the audience the focus of their talks and presentations.

2. One thought ran into the next. – Speakers must be able to give clear transition from one key point to the next.

3. You loaded the speech with technical detail. – The audience is there to hear important things from you which they should be able to relate to. They’re not there to listen to a “scientific paper”.

4. Your delivery was sleep inducing.  – Try to be energetic and lively when delivering your speech.

5. You didn’t tell me what you wanted. – There should always be a call to action at the end of every speech so audience would know what to do.

6. You read from your PowerPoint. – Might as well just give them handouts rather than make them attend your presentation.

7. You didn’t manage the question and answer period.  – Keep your answers direct to the point.

Review how you give your speeches and presentations. Keep practicing and learning from your mistakes and in time, you won’t have someone like Brad Phillips criticizing your speech. To get all the details of his 7 reasons, head to 7 reasons I hated your speech


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