The 5 Laws of Presentation

I may have mentioned some of these laws here but this is the first time I’ve encountered someone saying that these are LAWS and these are NOT OPTIONAL.  If before, I’ve shared with you suggestions and tips on how to be a successful presenter and speaker, well now, Fred E. Miller of predicts that if you follow these 5 presentation laws, then yor next presentation and public speaking engagement will be NO SWEAT!

Here hey are:

  1. Know your “Stuff!” – You should be the expert on your subject.
  2. Know how to Present. – Be proficient in all components of communication be it verbal or non-verbal.
  3. Be Audience Centered. – The presentation is not about the speaker but about the audience.
  4. Practice – Practice – Practice – to make perfect!
  5. Speak! – Speak! – Speak! – Seek out speaking opportunities.

To get a more detailed explanation of these laws, head to: The Five Laws of Presentation.


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