We Need a New Kind of Presentation

In today’s world where there isn’t much distinction anymore between the virtual world and the real world, and where social media and digital devices have become ubiquitous, the landscape of doing presentations have definitely changed.  Our audiences are changing and if presenters and speakers don’t adapt to the way audiences absorb and communicate information,  these presenters may just be extinct.

Ellen Finkelstein asked us in her blog post, is the presentation dead? She tells us about the “new species of learner that we call the ‘Social Cyborg.” Who are they? They are usually the young ones who live and breathe social networks and information technology in their everyday lives. The way they function, learn, solve problems are way different from those of the older generations.  By knowing how they function as a new breed of homo sapiens, presenters and speakers can tap into this well of information and use that to enhance the way presentations are given.

Head to Ellen Finkelstein’s blog for more information: Is the Presentation Dead?

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5 Responses to We Need a New Kind of Presentation

  1. Hello!

    Nice article. I agree with you that our audience and the style of doing presentation is changing. Perhaps speakers/presenters need to communicate more with their audience during the presentations.

    More and more technology are being used nowadays. One of them is Shakespeak, a tool which enables the audience to ask questions or vote during presentations or colleges. With it you’re able to create more interaction between speaker and the audience. To give you a better impression, follow a 1-minute introduction movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZHTaa6N7ck

    Curious to hear your thoughts and hopefully it will be interesting for you and your readers!

  2. Hi Nastasiya!

    I couldn’t agree more with what you said” Perhaps speakers/presenters need to communicate more with their audience during the presentations.” I watched the Shakespeak video and I find it awesome. I, myself am a shy person. I don’t speak up as much as I should and perhaps some people are like that too. They’re more comfortable writing their comments and thoughts. With Shakespeak, audiences can now participate, and anonymously at that! Now, audience who wants to be heard can be heard, including the shy ones.

    Thanks for sharing! I think I’ll blog about this next. 🙂

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  4. Oh, and I forgot to mention there is an upcoming webinar about this tool on November 1st at 11AM and 5 PM CET. If you are interested, let me know which time slot suits you best.

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