How Do You Prepare for a Presentation?

I’ve shared with you some tips before on how you can prepare for your presentation. These tips mostly deal with preparations weeks and months in advance. But how about on the few days leading up to your big day? What do you do? More importantly, what should you do?

Here is a sample timeline you can use as you approach the date and hour of your presentation:

  1. The Night Before – finish your rehearsal early and try to relax.
  2. The morning of your presentation – eat a good breakfast and make sure you’re properly hydrated to keep your energy levels up.
  3. The minutes before your presentation – mingle with your audience to help you feel more at ease with them.
  4. The seconds before your presentation – smile, breathe and deliver your first few words confidently.
  5. During your presentation – smile, make contact with your audience and be aware of the speed with which you are speaking.
  6. After your presentation – reward yourself for a job well done.

To learn more tips on what you can do as you approach the day of your presentation, head to: Preparing for a presentation or speech – Part 2


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