Using Mnemonic Devices During Presentations

The audience is so hard to please these days. It’s like you have to be a very brilliant speaker (like perhaps Steve Jobs and J.K. Rowling) before you can captivate your audience to make sure that they are listening to you 100%. The sad truth is, audience nowadays seem to have  short attention span. As a speaker,  you must remember that your audience will always have a lot of other things going on for them.  Like what the accidental communicator said on his blog post: “They simply don’t have time to remember everything that you’re telling them because they’ve got so much else going on.”

However, there may be a way around to this. Why not use mnemonic devices? They’re fun, creative,  engaging and memorable! Using them will act as tools for your audience to remember the important points you raised during your presentation.  Find out more about this by heading to: Mnemonic Devices Come To The Aid Of Public Speakers


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