Presentation Summit Takeaways

I am continuously learning and re-learning stuff about PowerPoint to help me with my presentations. When the presentation gurus went to the Presentation Summit last week in Texas, one of my favorite gurus, Ellen Finkelstein, had a session with Wayne Michael, a CPA who creates graphics for presentation and she shared on her blog some techniques she learned from the session, like:

  • Keeping a menu along the side of the slide that highlights the current section
  • Shrinking to a corner
  • Faded layering
  • Creating a tab
  • Using transitions that create continuity
Another guru I like, Olivia Mitchell, blogged about the things most audience remember from a presentation like:
  • technical hitches of Nigel Holmes
  • the spark of Carmen Taran
  • the “bamboo” metaphor of Garr Reynolds
  • and the fact that you really don’t have a second chance in terms of making your first impression so you better come pepared, your presentations should be balanced and you always have to keep your audience in mind. On the other hand, you have plenty of chances to make up for it.
So anyway, that’s a lot to digest, for me at least. I’m still waiting for other blog updates about the Presentation Summit. In the meantime, you can head to Ellen’s post (Quick Takeaways from Presentation Summit) and Olivia’s post (What an Audience Remembers) to know more about what they learned during the summit.

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