The 4 Levels of Public Speaking Comfort

No one is born perfect. Even the best of speakers and presenters, at one time or another, experience chills, nervousness, lack of confidence and worse, mental block. These are all normal and can be prevented from happening again and again thru practice, meditation (it does help!), and continuous experience.

But did you know that there are four levels of public speaking comfort? Find out where you belong:

Level 1: Pressured and Petrified: Those belonging to level 1 are the ones who display the most  signs of nervousness.

Level 2: Hurried and Harried: Presenters and speakers sometimes deal with their fear by going through their materials as fast as they can without taking into consideration if their audience understood their presentation or not.

Level 3: Surprised and Startled: Those who present based on their moods belong to this category. As soon as they’re asked to do something that is outside of their comfort zone, they panic!

Level 4: Eager and Enthusiastic: People who belong to this level are the best type. They welcome any and every opportunity to be able to present and speak in public and always treat it as a blessing rather than something to dread about.

So which level do you belong to? Know more details about each of these levels by visiting this link:

How to Assess Your Public Speaking Comfort Level


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