Planet of the Apes and Presentation Lessons

I remember watching Planet of the Apes this summer and I thought, wow, could that really be possible? I found some scenes too gruesome to watch (or maybe I’m just too sensitive) but other than loving its cinematography and totally sympathizing with Ceasar, I thought, there are some lessons to be learned here when it comes to presentation. So I went about my days, plotting to write about it, then voila… I found another blog post that has the same sentiments. Perfect!

Scott, in his blog post Presentation Lessons from Planet of the Apes, discussed three things we can apply to our own presentations:

  1.  Learning doesn’t have to stop. Just look at how those chimps and apes were able to adapt to their new surrounding and eventually plotted their escape. You have to scope your environment, your audience, your market too.
  2. Don’t be overly ambitious. Sometimes, you have to be patient by taking steps one day at a time until you can perfect your presentations. Practice, practice, practice. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving on one day at a time.
  3. Always build bridges. See how Ceasar had to make friends with his supposed enemies? Always connect and network and never burn bridges. You never know where it might lead you.

To read more about Scott’s blog post, head to Presentation Lessons from Planet of the Apes


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