A Good Story Makes A Good Speech

Whether we admit it or not, telling stories is how we get our messages across… it’s how we capture the attention of our intended audience, whether it be our teacher in school, our spouse, or the multitude of people we want to reach (most especially if you’re in the advertising or movie company). Humans have used it millions of years ago when they told their stories by drawing on  walls and rock. And we still do it today. Now the question is, how good a story are you telling?

If it’s all garbage and crap, well, expect people to NOT listen to you. But if there’s a good story there, then expect to get the admiration, following, an respect of many people.

As a presenter or public speaker, it will help capture the interest of your audience if you have a god story to tell. Dr. Jim Anderson wrote about the three keys to telling a good story during a speech:

You must invite your audience to listen to your story.

You should tap into your audience’s imagination.

You ought to make sure that you are having influence over your audience.

By doing these three things, your speech will surely be a success. Do head to the link for more details on this matter.


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