Killer Presentations Inspired by Dexter Morgan

I’m sure the name Dexter Morgan rings a bell to you. If it doesn’t, you probably live under a rock. Kidding! Anyway, he is the famous TV character who plays as a forensic expert by day and kills serial killers at night. Yup, Dexter is a serial killer and the show is actually one of my favorites on TV. However, it wasn’t until I read an article linking Dexter to giving killer presentations that I realized that indeed, the principles Dexter Morgan live by can actually be used in making killer presentations! Get it? Dexter has always been sharp and focused. If you apply these things on your speaking engagements and presentations, you can be sharp and focused too. What do I mean by this?

Look at these principles Dexter live by:

The Devil in the Details 

Know Your Target

Choose Your Weapon 

You’ll be more enlightened once you read where this thought came from. Head to:

Dexter’s Tips for a Killer Presentation


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