Can we use humor in our presentations?

Some of us may already be good speakers or presenters and more often than not, we use humor to liven up the discussion so that our presentation would become more interesting and engaging for our audience. For those who are just starting their careers in public speaking and presentation, humor is a great tool you can use IF DONE PROPERLY. But the thing is, not all speakers and presenters are born comedians. If you happen to screw it up or if you’re not naturally funny, then using humor might be a problem for you.

Dr. Jim Anderson discusses on his blog the things you can do if humor seems to be a problem for you. You don’t have to fret though if you really can’t use humor. After all, presenters and speakers are different from comedians. Comedians entertain while presenters inform and communicate important matter.

Head over to Dr. Anderson’s post to learn more about humor and how to deal with it.

The Problem With Using Humor In A Speech

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