What to Do After Becoming a Good Speaker

So you think you’ve reached your goal of becoming a good speaker? What’s next?

You probably still remember those early days when you used to fear being in front of people every time you present or speak. You practiced, listened to feedback, worked on your weaknesses and grew better at your speaking and presentation skills. Now, you’re already there on top of the world. Should you stop learning? Must you stop growing? Good question. That is actually the worst thing that can happen to you in your career. Once you stop growing as a presenter, you will find yourself being included in the “just adequate” speaker category. And I’m telling you, there’ s a huge chance that it could be downhill from there.

So what do you do?

Dr. Jim Anderson discussed this scenario on his blog and I urge you to head to the link below. Dr. Anderson details on his post the reasons why we sometimes stall in our speaking careers; how we can get out of this rut; and what it all means for us. Check out the link for the complete details: Remember What Happens When A Speaker Stops Growing…

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