When Presentations Make You Lose Money

Not everyone has that gift for gab. The same way that not everyone should make a presentation every time he or she  has a business, anidea, a product to sell. There are a ton of ways to market various kinds of businesses and presentation is not always it.

Nevertheless, before any of you gives up on presentations, do give it a try first. You’ll never really know where you went wrong until you’ve been there and done that.

On  post I recently read about, Is your presentation losing you business?,   the author describes his experience with a presenter who made critical mistakes while presenting that most likely made him lose his business. The presenter didn’t engage the audience, no practical examples were given… basically the audience was bored for over 45 minutes.

So if you think you are that kind of a presenter, well, don’t give up just yet. You may eventually have to change your marketing tactics in order to sell your business but at least find out first where you went wrong, learn from others or hire someone to teach you how to do presentations right.

Do read the rest of the post in Is your presentation losing you business? . It’s an interesting one.

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One Response to When Presentations Make You Lose Money

  1. Gavin Meikle says:

    Thanks for the pingback. Its great to share best practice.
    Keep up the good work


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