How to Use Presentations When Making Decisions

There are eight steps in presentations you can use when you are faced with the problem of making an important decision. Most of the time, as presenters, we tend to be the ones persuading or influencing people to make certain decisions in our favor or for the good of the situation or the people concerned. But what if we are the ones who are supposed to make a decision? How can we know that we are making the right decisions despite being persuaded in the process? Or perhaps we’d like to avoid being persuaded to making the wrong decisions. What steps in presentations can we use in order to make the right decisions?

There are eight steps we can follow:

1. Describe the problem

2. Identify your goal

3. Identify the components

4. Collect the data you need

5. Create a matrix of options

6. Evaluate the effect of a decision on everyone who will be affected

7. Make your decision

8. Evaluate your decision after some time

Ellen describes the details of these steps on her blog post:

Using presentations for decision-making

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